Tuesday, 1 April 2014

by bee

1. Istiwaa (commonly, but incorrectly, known as Zawaal.

This is the time when the sun reaches its peak and is at its highest point. The Ulamaa, whilst exercising utmost caution, have advised people to not pray 3-5 minutes before Istiwaa and 3-5 minutes after Istiwaa. Thus, in this way, ensuring that Zawaal (the moving of the sun away from mid-point / peak) has definitely occurred.

Note: If one avoids praying approximately 10-15 minutes before the beginning time of Zuhr then he will have avoided the Makrooh time of Istiwaa.

2. During Sunrise

This is from the moment the actual orb of the sun appears on the horizon til the sun has completely risen (usually a spear length). The Jurists have said that this takes approximately fifteen minutes.

3. During Sunset

This, as above, begins as soon as the sun gets close to setting (the sun at this point appears to be very dim in its intensity and therefore one can look towards it without dazzling the eyes and this occursred-sunset-casey1 during the final moments of Asr)

Note: This occurs approximately 25-35 minutes before Maghrib Salaah

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